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Cranes (crane) run institutions generally only four active and driven wheels

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Cranes (crane) run institutions generally only four active and driven wheels, if the weight of a large, common way to increase the wheel from the wheel to reduce pressure. When more than four wheels, must be balanced hinge frame means, so that the crane load is evenly distributed on each wheel.
Bridge metal structure from the main beam and side beams, divided into single-girder bridge and double girder bridge types. Single girder bridge by a single span girders and located on both sides of the end beam composed by two double girder bridge girders and beams end components.
Girder beams rigidly connected with the end, both ends of the end beam is equipped with wheels to run on an elevated bridge support. Main beam welded rail for lifting the car running. Bridge girder structure types are more typical box-shaped structure, four truss structure and fasting truss structure.
Box-shaped structure can be divided into double track box girder, double girder box off-track, off-track single box girder several. Double-track box girder is a basic form of the widely used, the main beam by vertical webs on both sides of the lower flange plates and composition, trolley rail flange plates arranged on the center line, simple structure, easy to manufacture, suitable for mass production, but the larger self.
Partial rail box-section dual-beam and off-track single box girder are from the upper and lower flange plates ranging in thickness and composition of the main and sub webs, trolley rails disposed above the main web, cabinets short stiffening board may be omitted, in which the off-track single box girder by a wide flange box girder instead of two main beam, weight smaller, but more complex manufacturing. Four combinations truss structure consists of four pieces into a closed space plane truss structure on the surface of the horizontal truss plates generally paved walkway, light weight, stiffness, but compared with other structures, size large, complex manufacturing, fatigue lower intensity, has been less production.
Fasting truss structure similar off-track box girder, a closed structure composed by four pieces of steel, except for the main web-shaped beam solid web workers, the last remaining three-piece steel in accordance with the design requirements into many windows, the formation of a non-diagonals Fasting truss, the upper and lower surfaces of the horizontal truss paved walkway board, crane operation mechanism and electrical equipment installed in the tray inside, lighter weight, the overall stiffness, which is a type widely used in China.
General overhead crane mainly electric drive, usually operated in the cab, there are remote controlled. From the weight of up to 500 tons, the span of up to 60 meters.
Simple beam bridge crane girder cranes, also known as its structure and composition is similar to ordinary bridge crane, lifting weight, span and work rate are small. Bridge girder is a simple cross-section beam by beam and plate steel or other steel composition, hand pull hoist or trolley hoist coupled simple as lifting the car, the car is generally run on the bottom flange of the joist. You can orbiting overhead bridge on can also be suspended in the elevated along the following orbit, which is called the crane girder suspension cranes.
Metallurgy bridge crane in the steel production process can participate in a particular process operation, the basic structure is similar to ordinary bridge crane, but in the small car is also equipped with special lifting working mechanism or device. Characteristic of this work is the use of a crane frequent, harsh conditions, a higher level of work. There are five types.
Easy casting crane girder bridge crane type: for lifting hot metal injection Mixer, furnaces and continuous casting equipment for lifting molten steel into ingot molds or other purposes. Main car lifting ladles, deputy car flipped ladles and other auxiliary work.
Tongs Crane: Using tongs vertically lifted the hot ingots into the soaking pit furnace, or put it out into the car shipped ingot.
Ingot crane off: for the ingot from the ingot mold forced prolapse. Small car off the spindles have a special device, from the way the shape of the ingot ingot mold may be: some off the spindle pole suppress undesignated ingot crane, lift the ingot mold with tongs; some with large pliers to suppress the ingot mold, with Lift small forceps ingot.
Loading cranes: The charge is added to the open hearth. The lower end of the main pillars of the car is equipped with pick lever to provoke bins and place it into the furnace. The main column rotation about a vertical axis, pick the rod up and down swing and swing. Vice trolley for furnace repair and other ancillary operations.
Forging cranes: for and forging hydraulic press with large workpieces. On the main trolley hook suspension feeders special turn for support and flip the workpiece; Vice cart used to lift the workpiece.

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