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2014 of lifting machinery ready to welcome development

Date:2014-6-13   View:2336

Crane as an important engineering machinery, it has to assume an increasingly important role in the cause of building our country. Therefore, in the case of the industry as a whole colder, crane companies need to rebuild their lives, bitter experience, confidence and seek effective development path.
2013 construction machinery industry has been in a colder climate of the state, subject to the domestic real estate macro-control and the impact of monetary tightening, the main manufacturers of the industry recovery, the return on investment is expected to rise still low, demand is more sluggish. Manufacturers and distributors are not confident enough, lifting machinery in 2013 only a small peak appeared in October, the fourth quarter smooth peripheral investment environment, real estate and infrastructure to maintain the declining state.
Chinese construction crane industry is experiencing an extraordinary development stage, the industry while achieving high growth and dips, and also under the challenge of international and domestic competition tests and the financial crisis.
As a five-year plan to implement the key objectives of the year 2013, the country's economic development in an important period of strategic opportunities. Urbanization, industrialization, international construction have entered a crucial stage. Construction crane companies are beginning to rational analysis of the industry's main reason for the market downturn, after bitter experience, confidence, seek effective development path.
In the crane-related technology to the National Science and Technology Progress Award in this example, which Zoomlion's "very large tower crane key technology and application" project was awarded the National Science and Technology Progress Award. It is reported that the project to break a number of large tower crane technology bottleneck, greatly promoted the construction of the bridge level, and formed a set of technologies with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve large-scale production of the tower crane, breaking the foreign brands monopoly, has important implications for the country's economic development. Meanwhile, Sany declared "large tonnage crawler crane series of key technologies and applications" also won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
From a macro perspective, in 2014, the railway investment priorities for the Midwest and intercity rail, funds will gradually be guaranteed; total highway investment remains low, but the West is still the focus of investment; nuclear warmer trend, and away from the target values ​​are far away, the next two years, investment growth larger space; public service investment opportunities appear, may be appropriate attention. As the domestic economic environment and the downstream industry as a whole to stabilize, 2014 construction machinery industry fundamentals improved slightly, but difficult to have rebounded significantly. 2014 will face a slowdown in the economic environment more differentiated structure, fixed investment will show a low to high before the trend.
2014, lifting machinery at favorable macro side, a positive innovation, ready to go, or will usher in a new development. China has become the world's most important construction machinery market, with the specification of the domestic market, China's crane bound to have greater development.

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