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Aout us

  Anhui Xiongfeng Hoisting Machinery Ltd. is a company specializing in lifting machinery design, production and sales of the manufacturers, is the only one in Anhui lifting industry has a Class A license 320T lifting equipment manufacturing capacity of enterprises. The company is located in Bao's hometown, next to the entrance Feidong Hening Expressway, the traffic is very convenient. Administered six plants, employees 626 people, all kinds of professionals 156 people, including senior technical staff of 37 people (engineers, Title 12). The company covers an area of ​​162,600 square meters, 220 million yuan in fixed assets, with automatic cutting machines, cutting machines, bending machines, milling machines, precision boring machine, large lathes, gas welding, submerged arc welding machine, X-ray detection machines, heat treatment and other mechanical processing equipment, 2009 sales of all types of lifting machinery and equipment 3160, the annual sales income of 387 million yuan, sales volume and sales revenue to 27.5% and 36% of the annual growth rate of growth, respectively, four years to achieve profits for the first locally-owned industry.

My company has the following products:
(A) LD electric single girder overhead crane, from the weight of 1-20T (two) QD electric double girder overhead crane, from the weight 5-320T (three) MDG, MH, MG-type and L-type single and double door girder cranes, from the weight 5-320T (four) LX electric single girder overhead cranes, from the weight 0.5-10T (five) LH-called double bridge cranes, MH-tube structure gantry, BL-type fixed column jib, QZ Bridge-type catch electromagnetic sucker and various non-standard crane crane which LDA and QD series won the National Quality Supervision Bureau issued by the trust the quality of products.

Company sales outlets throughout the country provinces and autonomous regions, the service system very well. Our products are widely used in steel, coal, chemicals, shipbuilding, port, metallurgy and other industries, strong support for China's modernization drive. Some products are exported to Mongolia, Russia and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
  Companies always adhere to the "quality first, customer first, the pursuit of excellence, development-oriented" business purposes, and in October 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, product inspection pass rate of 100%, be included in the "China Quality Miles OK "brand display, was awarded the" excellent quality, rest assured brand "products. At the same time my company "drones" brand products have been granted by the China Social Survey "China's outstanding brands," the honorary title, and honored to be included China's outstanding brand database. The company was awarded the construction project in Anhui Province "construction machinery manufacturing base," for four consecutive years 2006-2009 for the county industrial "top ten enterprises." "Drones" brand was the only one in the lifting industry in Anhui Province, "famous brand" title in 2010.

Companies adhering to the "quality determines the success or failure, enhance the quality of the future, the service has won respect" concept, sincerely welcome the community to visit the site inspection, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development!